6 Month Doc Appt. Pictoral

Me and My Grady

At 6 months Grady weighed 16pds 9oz and is 26 inches long.  He grew 2 inches in two months. He had his shots and didn’t cry again along with getting his blood taken from his little arm and also didn’t fuss. Such a good baby!

He is within the 75-90% on the DS Charts in case you were checking.

He had his Thyroid tested and for the most part things came back pretty good, one level came back on the upper side of normal, so we will be on a re-check on that in three months.

Grady has developed quite the post nasal drip congestion, which sounds horrid on any given time of the day.It makes me rather frustrated with the “its just his down syndrome” response. Children with down syndrome tend to have an increased amount of congestion and combined with their low muscle tone’s inability to move it out of the airways it can build up and then leading to coughing it out. I am bringing him back to the Dr’s tonight to get him checked out again, because along with his increased congestions he has been pretty sweaty during the day and night. Something isn’t sitting right with me with the whole situation.

I will keep you update, please keep our little guy in your prayers and if it’s just the “Down Syndrome” causing all this hacking, then pray for peace of mind for me because my heart hates to heart it!

With a 2 inch growth spurt, Grady is has graduated from Meatball to Sausage!

Charting Grady on the Down Syndrome Charts

Letting Mason help out~

Weighing our little Sausage!

Measuring the Polish Gord, as always an impressive number from the second Ski Boy!

16pds 9oz.

We are looking at a steady 75% percentile for length and head/ 50% for weight

Checking out the ticker, sounding good.

Checking out those eyes


4 thoughts on “6 Month Doc Appt. Pictoral

  1. Elissa says:

    Grady is so cute! I’m sorry about the congestion. Abbie has the same, and I accepted the “it’s just DS” for 2 months and then decided that wasn’t good enough for me. We have been “on” the doctors about it, and have begun the process of eliminating possible causes through various exams, tests, etc. I take a list of possibilities I have researched every time we go in. Luckily, they have begun to create their own list too. Between me and the doctors someone is going to figure this out. I hope you guys figure it out too!! Don’t quit pushing them Mama. If you don’t feel “right” about it then it isn’t right. Period.

  2. Courtney B says:

    I love that the doctor’s appointment is a photo shoot op for you guys! So cute and such fun! Grady looks great, I hope that congestion clears up quickly!

  3. Brenda says:

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE all of the great pictures of Grady!!!!!!Your visits to the doctors seem much more fun than mine! LOL! Happy to hear he’s doing so well!

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