Feet meet Ground, Heart meet Soul

6 months.   1/2 year.    25 weeks.    182.6 days.     4,344 hours.  15,638,400 sec.

In that time their have been about a million + 1 moments that I have stared into Grady’s  face and wondered how I ended up so incredibly blessed? I cannot find one single morsel on his body that I do not Love with my whole heart.

I no longer see the way I used to nor do I feel the way I did before him. It can be hard to explain or understand if you haven’t walked in similar shoes. Life is different now… and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

After 6 Months …I have found that my feet are more grounded in the good stuff  & my heart dances with my soul more than they ever danced before.

I have more to post later as we celebrate 6 months! Updates soon 🙂


4 thoughts on “Feet meet Ground, Heart meet Soul

  1. Tracy says:

    Oh Erin!
    Must he be either a meatball or a sausage…I love them both! Meatballs AND sausage! He’s a delicious dolly of a boy! I love the last photo…like an angel resting on a cloud!

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