Grady Gossip

I think of this stuff sometimes, I probably think of it more than I should since we live in such a small town. You know the one blinking light, one deli, my cousin’s your brother, the judge is a friend kinda town. The kinda town I never felt a part of so I left to go to NC for college and soccer. The town unfortunatley (since Grady) that every so often even some family members feel like strangers.  The town I returned to because we started a family and we yearned for a sense of Home.  Paul and I were  best friends from the same High School and this same town, so the roots run deep. Although I often get glimpses of community, it is probably just me that feels so out of reach.  For most people (like my hubby) this town is suited just for them. I have always drummed to a different beat. That’s ok.

So then we had Grady, a pretty important kid in a pretty small town. I wondered how people kept finding out. The old acquaintance who said “I heard” or “so and so told me” … As a mom I wondered if it was with well intentions or of the Gossiping nature. Was it over a good cup of Joe that Grady’s name was spoken or at the local restaurant over a beer? I’m not sure it really matters how.

A mothers wish.

My wish is that when people speak of our son Grady…they speak of him with Grace. I wish they speak of my sons as equals. I wish that this rather small town wouldn’t use my son’s extra chromosome as fuel for good conversation. I wish that Grady’s name is spoken with the best of inentions and with care.  I have big wishes and I always have and I have high expectations in a world ridden with Sin. I understand that, but you can’t stop a mother from wishing and praying. Grady’s going to need his community & town on his side as he grows up….

These are all part of the reasons why I blog. It is important to have a story with the pictures, so if by chance you stumble upon my blog perhaps a word or two will catch your eye and my words may speak to a judging/confused/amazed heart. And although my town doesn’t read my blog, I bet someday someone may stumble upon it, and when they do I hope they know I have been praying for them. NO really I really Have Been Praying for YOU.


8 thoughts on “Grady Gossip

  1. Courtney B says:

    Since I spent 17 of my first 19yrs in your community I can tell you from my recent visits, I have heard of Grady only with pride and love with the exception of one conversation. I was sitting in a restaurant when I heard two couples that I did not know (I recognized one of the guys but don’t know his name) talking about “Paul’s little kid with Down Syndrome.” I instantly listened, knowing it was your little man they discussed. One of the girls was talking about how “sad” it was and what a “burden” you must have. I stood up (my back was to them the way our tables were) and faced them. I instantly told this girl that Grady was not a “sad” story or a “burden” to anyone but the ignorant. I then explained that a child is a gift and he just happens to carry something extra. I told her you and Paul were no more burdened by him than by Mason or any other child you may have in the future. I let her know under no circumstances does a DS child mean stupid or useless and that she needs to do some research before speaking ill of people who are not like her cookie cutter self. I then excused myself to finish my lunch with my friend. As I said, with the exception of this one conversation I have heard what amazing parents you and Paul are, how beautiful both your boys are and how lovely you are as a family. Grady may be the topic of conversation for a while but I hope it is with continued praise and love.

  2. Melissa says:

    Small town living can be hard, and I didn’t grow up in our small town so the roots don’t run as deep. I wonder how people speak of Claire too. I hope that when people talk about her they mention her crazy hair or her easy smile.

  3. aprilnarretto says:

    Erin thank you so much for the sweet comment. I was reading itwhile I was getting my hair cut and I just began to cry (emotions are seriously out of whack!) Anyway I was so touched by your story, thank you for sharing it with me.

  4. Tracy says:

    Oh Erin, I wish the world could know our children, truly know them. Or that the world would have any desire to know them. “They” don’t know. But, I didn’t either until Jack was born. Grady and Jack are perfectly beautiful boys! Don’t forget that!

  5. Erin says:

    I am just catching up on your blog. Since we’re on different networks sometimes I miss your updates. Anyway… I completely understand where you are coming from however I do not live in a town where everyone knows me so I cannot truly sympathize. I think come time you will be grateful that everyone knows Grady because people will love him and take care of him in and around town. He will have many friends that he may not have if you all lived as strangers in a large city. These are things I think about as we make our decision to move to a large city. I wish we could control the way people think about our children but it’s just not possible. Grady will change the way people think about Ds one person at a time and that is all we can ask for. I LOVE the pictures, your boys are beautiful.

  6. Christie says:

    Erin, I am slacking big time at reading blogs lately. BUT, I am here to say, “Grady WILL change your town.” I feel it with everything in my bones. Grady, Mason, and any other little Ski’s will have an impact on this world, and especially, your town. You are there mother, a woman after God’s own heart, make no mistake about it; there is no way they could not impact your town. There is much to be said for a small town, both good and, unfortunately, sometimes not so good. I know this firsthand, I used to live in a very, very small town in Kentucky. We had one blinking light, one stop sign, a Dairy Queen and two Jr. Food stores! LOL

    HUGS momma!!!

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