“Down” Comforter & Toe Touching

Our Welcome Blanket to the Hudson Valley Down Syndrome Society & Grady Finally Found his Toes

We made it to our first Hudson Valley Down Syndrome Society Event last week. When we got there we were given our Welcome Bag with an adorable home made “Down” Comforter in the form of a knitted blanket (see pictures above). It was so sweet and included a packet of information and book. We were grateful for all the support we got when we were there and it was pretty cool because Grady was the only baby attending the event. It was held at our local Minor League baseball stadium where we had a special spot where we ate dinner & took in the game. It was definitely a cool experience to meet other families with kids of all ages and stages. We left scratching our heads as it was a tad overwhelming (maybe just for me) ….just to take the whole new experience in. (hence, Im just getting to blogging now) but overall we felt like our network just got a little bigger and added a few more smiles to our memory. I ran into two other fellow T21 bloggers : Courtney & Lucy ….. @  http://mutteringmama.blogspot.com as well as Ecki & Kayla @ http://oppositekids.blogspot.com/ .  It’s kind of funny when you run into a fellow blogger and recognize their families and know so much about them and yet have never met. We are looking forward to the next event in September….

Hudson Valley Renegades & 1st Down Syndrome Society Event

Milestone Update:

At 5 months and three weeks Grady has found his toes. I’m pretty excited about this as it is adorable to see him lift his legs and turn into a little rolly polly to just grab those puddies. We are celebrating with him every time he gets ’em.  We are definitely waiting patiently for his neck and core to strengthen some as his inability to hold his head up on a consistent basis is still lagging. Grady’s trusty Swing days are numbered as he can pull his core muscles up enough to just about fall out or slump to the side…. We have noticed Grady has started to smile all on his own while playing with toys, this means he is thinking about my face and smiling instead of having to actually see me. How COOL? lol…  Our therapists seem to be on vacation lately so we are trying to do as much as we can on our own. Things should pick back up here soon…

Ski Update:

I have been super busy lately with my photography business and have been slacking in blogging..sorry! I feel like I blog in the shower somedays while I have a million and one thoughts I want to share with everyone. Thank you for praying for Verity, she is doing well but still needs prayer as she continues into the recovery phase.  I have a lot of personal family matters on my plate that are also taking up a lot of my time, energy and prayers…. I am learning so much about God and how to lean on him.


3 thoughts on ““Down” Comforter & Toe Touching

  1. Melissa says:

    It sounds like a great event and it’s very cool you got to meet some fellow bloggers. I love that Grady has found his toes! I love watching Claire play with and chew on hers!

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