Prayer Request…

Prayers for Verity.

Since Susanna’s pregnancy I have been following her journey to the birth of her daughter Verity who has Down Syndrome and CVAC (complete AV canal heart defect), she has become a pillar of spiritual guidance in my walk with the Lord and through this journey of T21 as well. 5 week old  Verity and her family need our prayers. Verity needs open heart surgery right away…. tonight her breathing is labored and she is barely eating or waking up . This little girl is on my heart and mind tonight and I ask if you wouldn’t mind praying for her, for tonight till the doctor’s decide what to do in the morning, for strength, for Gods grace, for more borrowed time. Visit and meet precious Verity in the link below. It is time to Rally the Troops and Pray!!


One thought on “Prayer Request…

  1. Susanna says:

    Erin, thank you for praying and for posting this link–we are so touched that you would do this. I came trying to find your email address or something to let you know that we would love to have the nap nanny you are offering. I’m guessing that it will be useful for Verity while she heals from surgery. THANK YOU, my friend. Our email address: And I’ll send you our snail mail address thataway. 🙂

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