My Suffering Child…with Down Syndrome?

I Don’t Think So!

I just don’t know if any real words need to be put into this post. It if doesn’t clearly show the beauty and lack of suffering Down Syndrome brings his life (and ours).

Grady Wayne at a week shy of 5 months, you continue to astound us with your presence! We love you!


9 thoughts on “My Suffering Child…with Down Syndrome?

  1. sheena Greene says:

    There are no words for his handsome-ness!! He is just a doll!! I can not wait to meet him as well as the rest of your family (in real life). Thank you so much for this!! Have a blessed week, Sweet Erin!

  2. Lara says:

    Erin– glad we found each other!! Grady is so beautiful and those eyes! Reminds me of another precious boy who happens to share the same genetic makeup! And his birthday is my anniversary! Blessings to you all and thanks for the prayers, God is good ALL the time! Hugs

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