New Grady Video! & Buddy Walk News!

Nothing like starting early! Before the busy summer and even busier fall comes, I thought I would start our fundraising page and rally the troops!

The email I sent out to family and friends…..and now sharing with my blog fam

This year we are participating in Grady’s 1st National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk in NYC Central Park September 25th 2010! We are beyond excited to extend our invitation to you to either participate by walking with “TEAM SKI” or making a donation (even the smallest amount makes a difference) in Grady’s honor at the below website! You can also read more about why we are fundraising and what we are doing. I will be designing Mossy Oak “Team Ski” t-shirts (at a low cost for all) for all those who want to walk with us so we can be unified in our walk through Central Park! Strength in Numbers eh? Let me know if you are interested in walking or register on our Team Page!….so I can get my numbers together. I hope you are as excited as we are. Our Grady has inspired us beyond words and we are so Blessed to have him in our life. We would not change one single thing about him including his extra chromosome.Your help is appreciated beyond words! We Can’t wait to share with the world just what a Blessing One Extra Chromosome can bring. Thank you.

Our Fundraising Page!


5 thoughts on “New Grady Video! & Buddy Walk News!

  1. Papa P says:

    Your son is definitely a beautiful gift from God. I, too, am awaiting “my” gift from God this coming Septemberm when my Daughter delivers our “little bundle of joy”.

  2. Jenn says:

    Grady is adorable and he makes me even more excited to see my nephew when he comes in September … Baby Klaren we love you already! Thanks Erin for sharing this beautiful and inspiring video!

  3. Melissa says:

    Alright, I don’t know what’s come over me tonight, but I was crying even before I started watching your video. I just loved seeing Grady in action, and I was totally charmed by all his smiles while he was on his tummy!

    Our buddy walk (they changed the name to Step Up for Down Syndrome here) is the day after yours and I need to get my team set up too. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous for it though. I don’t really know any older kids or adults with Ds and I’m afraid that I’m not quite ready for this. But, I’m still excited and I know when the day come for our walk it will be a joyous one.

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