Blogging about Blogging

Why I blog?

I blog to advocate for my son Grady. To share what our life looks like: the good, the bad, the real, the truth.

I blog so that hopefully through divine appointment  I am able to share the right words, at the right time, with the right woman with a big decision on her hands regarding her pre-natal diagnosis. I blog for her and for her unborn child. I am praying for that mom right now.

I blog because just a picture on facebook, or a picture posted somewhere in this wide world web is not enough. I want the story with his picture, our story. I want the joy to be shared through a mother’s words.

I blog as a form of therapy, I often re-read my posts many many times to work through these new experiences and emotions. Blogging is a lot cheaper than any therapist.

I blog for the reader who has societal assumptions, the ones who pity, the sorrowful, the misguided, the shoes that I once walked in not too long ago.

I blog for the unknowing Todd at Shoprite, he manages the front end at our local grocery store and has an extra chromosome, maybe by a reader  knowing my Grady …that hurried shopper who stumbled upon my blog, will take the time to love on Todd with a friendly hello. Throughout my pregnancy we would connect with him so many times… if only he knew why. I am waiting for that day.

I blog to connect with other T21 mommies, moms in general, other beautiful souls.

I blog as way to share my faith, a faith that is growing, a faith that has been renewed. A faith unshaken but built up by one chromosome. Anchored in Him.

I blog to journal my experience, to hopefully reflect back with laughter, tears, and to celebrate my family….This crazy and wild journey we call life.

I blog because deep within my heart and  soul, when I hold my Grady… I have the most incredible feeling of completeness, I wish to share that with you. It brings tears to my eyes just to write about this feeling. I want you to know that we are OK, we are so so so OK.  We are more than OK, we are blessed.

I blog because I have a wonderful son Mason, who loves on his little brother with childlike purity. Perhaps the eyes he sees through are the closest to God that we will get on this earth.

Share my blog if you wish, introduce yourself to me so I can know you, the readers who have decided to join in on our journey… comment me!


11 thoughts on “Blogging about Blogging

  1. Jennifer says:

    I honestly do not even know how I ended up on your blog…but I absolutely HAD to say Hi once I found myself here. It seems that our babies must be fairly close in age- a few months apart maybe. We also received a prenatal diagnosis that our youngest son, Elijah- now 7 weeks old, has Down syndrome. I’ve only glanced over your first post (I want to take some time and a box of Kleenex to read it in full), but I almost felt as though I were reading my own account of the news…

    So, Hi! It’s a weird thing to feel so connected to complete strangers all because our babies have that extra chromosome…but I do! 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    This post moved me to comment. I’m currently awaiting the birth of my first child (due in early August). I came across your blog shortly after my prenatal diagnosis and it’s provided much comfort and lots of smiles ever since. You’ve helped me to get back to enjoying my pregnancy and looking forward to meeting my little one – extra chromosome and all. I’ve come to realize I have so much to be joyful about and to look forward to. Thank you for sharing your stories, your feelings, and your precious Grady and doing so with such honesty and grace. I’m extremely grateful.

      • Amy says:

        Hi Erin – My little one arrived 5 weeks early on July 5th! Chase is doing great and is the most amazing thing that’s happened to our family. I am so grateful to be his mom! As I suspected and hoped, the minute I held him the fears went away and it all felt so right. I can’t imagine my life without him now!

  3. Christie says:

    “I blog for the reader who has societal assumptions, the ones who pity, the sorrowful, the misguided, the shoes that I once walked in not too long ago.”

    Erin, your humility is beautiful. I loved this post. Thank you. ❤

  4. Melissa says:

    Erin, it’s been a while since I commented, actually a while since I’ve read your blog since we were so busy with OHS, but I came today to send another mom to your blog. One who just got a prenatal dx. I knew your faith would be a comfort to her and when I opened my reader this was the post that was waiting for me! God truly does place the right words and the right people in our lives!

  5. Kim says:

    I found your blog a week and a half ago – the day I had my amnio to see if our 4th child has Ds (although I knew then in my heart that she does – I was right). It was so nice to see that every day did not revolve around Ds, but you were honest and open about your faith, feelings and experiences – it gave me hope. Since then, I had another friend (uh, is that you up there, Melissa?!) send me to this page, too, so I’m now a regular reader. 🙂

    • skiingthroughlife says:

      Kim-….It is amazing sometimes as mother’s we just “know” that our children will have this or that, I knew that Grady had down syndrome from the day of our 20 week ultrasound after they were scanning his heart non stop, but leading up to that appt I also had these little “inklings” that something was a bit different. Ooooo I am so glad it was. Anyways, congrats on your pregnancy and I please keep me updated on when your beautiful little one arrives! thanks for introducing yourself, it made my Sunday!

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