My Rambling Mind & Tub Time Pictures

I have a lot going through my mind these days, in no particular oder for no particular reason. A lot of clutter and a few cobwebs. My prayer list has been growing, reasons to be joyful expanding and moments of clarity a bit more frequent. I find myself in a new season of friendships and fellowship. Daily new experiences throwing me out of my “bubble” ….yet surprisingly I’m finding some solid ground. Still avoiding toxicity in my life some family, some friends, not sure to keep running, let go, or negotiate. Praying about that. Trying to listen more and reflect on such … by slowing it down I make my attempt at grace.  Let GO, Let GOD a frequent phrase running through my mind.  Our little family of four moving into new traditions, more praying and less negativity. Still broken and yet so blessed.  I find myself to be a bit more scattered and unfocused when in conversations with people these days, so excited, apprehensive, eager and guarded. This isn’t like me, I need to give that hamster running the wheel in my mind a rest. Rest. Still avoiding laundry, its clean but on the ground, the dirty is in the basket, hoping the therapists don’t need to use the bathroom, they will get a glimpse upstairs. We have them fooled on level one of our humble abode. Trying to be more obedient to my household duties. Praying about that. Need to go to bed earlier, wake up earlier… this would help my sanity. Thankful for my husband and his transformation. Wishing a big Turkey would sacrifice itself for him soon so we can snap a few pics and move on. Wondering about where God’s taking us and why. Grady’s cooing and mason’s structuring sentences. Planning a brunch, a Buddy Walk and a vacation. Sometimes I need to put my Camera Down, but I can’t. Had to “let go” aka Fire two therapists so far, welcome to advocating for your son. Mommy really does know best.  Enjoying some great new music (my favorite below). Put my apron on recently, feeling domestic but it isn’t sparking the inner martha just yet. Got my hair done FINALLY, but have only found the motivation to actually do it once since then. Feeling so in love with Grady, still pinching myself, still can’t believe he has T21 most days.  Welcoming summer nights and braced for all we have to do, play-dates, zoo trips, new friends, old friends, reunions, family…. and fun.  me in a nutshell. (today at least). rest hamster.

JJ Heller: Your Hands -> random Youtube video not produced by me, but pretty pictures and the song.

TUB TIME: Grady just 3 months

Why do they grow so fast...

my chubster



7 thoughts on “My Rambling Mind & Tub Time Pictures

  1. Melissa says:

    I was going to comment about all the Erin’s too!

    My clean laundry piles on the floor and my household chores are almost always severely neglected. I hope your new therapists are working out better for both you and Grady.

    I love a chubby baby. His rolls are the best!

  2. Elissa says:

    Your blog is such a blessing. My Abbie is just two weeks old and already I am overwhelmed with what I need to know and do. Reading your blog helps me feel normal for all of my feelings and emotions about her DS. Thank you.

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