PT Overview & Pictures : 3 Months! Work hard..Play Hard

 Grady works so hard in his Therapy sessions (when he stays awake the whole time!)


Grady receives PT twice a week right now.  Some days are better than others depending on his sleep & eating pattern. He is cranky some days if he hasn’t gone number 2 or is gassy.  He is doing very well according to his PT (pictured in photos) she feels he is right where he should be. We are working hard to help him maintain. He works so hard in a 45 minute session that he usually passes out from exhaustion shortly after. He doesn’t seem to mind the big pink bubble gum ball that he bounces on and rolls on either! I am glad someone is getting good use out of it 🙂



At the end of the session our PT does mild joint compressions, this entails taking his joints and pressing them together.  Their is a lot of singing and playing that goes in a session along with a few laughs. It is fun to see how much he grows and progresses each week. I am so grateful to live in a state that provides these services so Grady has the best head start possible.

I will do a Speech Therapy Post soon!

Happenings around the Ski House:

On mother’s day I came down with Mastitis for the second time in less than two weeks! eek! After a 102 fever this time around…I am almost fully recovered again after large doses of Antibiotics…good news is that , I think some of the medicine I am on may have helped clear Grady’s Tear Ducts up, because ever since I got sick this last time his eyes have gotten better! Mason has had an allergy outbreak to Penicillin and has a terrible rash, so we are hoping that clears up soon. **We are dedicating both our Boys at church May 30th! We are excited to make our promise to the Lord to raise our children up in his Glory**  I brought Grady in to visit with all the wonderful ladies at the School I tutor at… It was so much fun to show him off and have them love on him. We are also looking forward to and have started planning (big ideas and fun stuff) our Buddy Walk in NYC this year, we are so pumped to fundraise and walk for Grady for the first time… Goooo Team Ski!  OOoo one more thing, we are hoping to get together for a visit with Jodi (our L&D nurse) very soon, we have had to reschedule once but it’s going to happen and we are so excited for our 3 month reunion.

God is sooooo Good.  I am ever-thankful for all His blessings he has bestowed upon us. I continue to praise him in the storms of life!


3 thoughts on “PT Overview & Pictures : 3 Months! Work hard..Play Hard

  1. Kelly says:

    I want a reunion too! Great idea. hopefully with summer on us we can link up soon. I want to love up on both your boys!

  2. Melissa says:

    Those therapy sessions are hard work! I should put Claire on my ball too. Heck, I’m not using, so she may as well give it a shot…

    I’m sorry about the mastitis. I imagine that it’s quite miserable. I’ve had plugged ducts, but have been able to get them worked out.

    I can’t wait to hear more about the boys dedication and the Buddy Walk.

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