Brushfield Friends :) just sayin…

Today Grady had his second Infant Massage session. He absolutely loves all the special attention he gets! Our therapist comes with a doll which she works on and shows me how to perform the massage.  Today we worked on his arms and chest and reviewed his legs and belly methods.  About ten minutes into our session we realized that Grady couldn’t keep his eyes off the doll, he just was fascinated by her…trying to reach out and touch her. It was cute.

Then we noticed that the doll and Grady had very similar eyes actually they looked pretty identical. Grady has brushfield spots (see below)  indicative to Trisonomy 21.  Sometimes people call them “extra chromosome eyes” and I say…. people pay big bucks to get contacts that look like Grady’s eyes. So I took a picture of his friend to show you that those doll designers added a little something extra in their toys and they probably didn’t know it. Or maybe T21 eyes were an inspiration… just sayin….

Brushfield’s spots: Speckled iris. Little white spots that slightly elevated on the surface of the iris arranged in a ring concentric with the pupil. These spots occur in normal children but are far more frequent in Down’s syndrome (trisomy 21). They were described in 1924 by Thomas Brushfield and are due to aggregation of a normal iris element (connective tissue).

The Lord formed Grady’s eyes to be a masterpiece in mine …

2 thoughts on “Brushfield Friends :) just sayin…

  1. Elena says:

    The pictures are great, the doll is almost Grady’s twin! Thanks for the comment on my blog, it is wonderful to connect. Your boys are so sweet. We just arrived in MN/WI for the summer…the kids are looking forward to fishing…we have a lot in common! Take care!

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