Scanning Manhattan

I’ve always been an avid people watcher. I think people are fascinating. There is no better place to take part in this hobby then in NYC. An hour and change drive  from our house and we were in the epi-center of the ultimate melting pot. But this time something was different to me and by the end of the day I felt unfulfilled in my pursuit of people gazing.

Grady and Paul before the walk started in Central park.

We spent 9.45 hours in NYC on Saturday with Grady in tow. We walked the Parkinson’s Unity Walk in Central Park, took a look around FAO Shwartz,  trekked down to lower manhattan to pay respects to the 9/11 site, made our way to the flashing lights of times square, we dove down under the city to ride the subway and strolled the streets in between. And with each person I passed on every street corner or fellow subway passenger I took a quick look to see if they were sporting a little extra like our Grady. I did not see one single person with Down Syndrome the whole entire day. Neither did Grady, he slept through the whole day, only waking to eat!!


You know when you get a Jeep you start looking for them on the road and then you wave to each other as the other Jeep Passes, or the Volkswagen beetle gives off a beep to a fellow beetle passerby…or when you see another person sporting your alma-mater sweatshirt you get giddy to think you have a common connection… well ever since our prenatal diagnosis I am on the hunt for those extra chromosome eyes…always scanning another to make find the connection. And I was disappointed to say although thousands passed my sight we came up empty on the T21 end.  Where was our fellow Down Syndrome community in NYC… ? By the end of the day Paul started diagnosing people just to make me happy… ha, I know that sounds weird, but I get really excited to see others with down syndrome.

A few days have passed and as I was still scratching my head… I stumbled upon this…Ah-hah The 2010 Tribeca Film Festival  was going on the same day as our trip and ….two of the Stars from their upcoming movie Monica & David made an appearance. Check out their trailer for the movie!! It is a documentary/movie about two married adults with Down Syndrome and their life together. So  it goes to say that somewhere in NYC last Saturday there was some fellow T21’ers where living it up like our Grady, taking in the big city!

Updates: Grady has been sleeping a lot. I will admit I was a bit concerned over the last week or so, but today he turned a bit of a corner and started “cooing” up a storm and staying awake a bit more. I hope this continues because it just steals my heart. I am exhausted from our city trip and have been battling mastitis since last friday. I have been pumping up a storm and successfully pumped my way through NYC to relive the discomfort. You should have seen me, nestled behind a rock in central park…just pumping away or leaving the restaurant bathroom after 15 minutes of pumping and seeing the wait staff give me that weird “what was she doing so long in there” look .  Grady has his 2 month check up on Thursday, so I plan to blog again to give his big weight check update!

Team Betsy! We walked for my college roomate's Mom! It was wonderful!


3 thoughts on “Scanning Manhattan

  1. Erin says:

    I love people watching too! My dad and I have done this since I was very little. I find that now days I look for anyone with Ds too and my husband and I are always telling each other when we see someone.

    So sorry about the mastitis. It is so painful! I used to get them all the time with my daughter when I was nursing on one side only. I’ve had better luck this time around.

    Hope you feel better.

  2. kate says:

    I too, am a people watcher. As in, sometimes Jason has to say, “Kate, shut your mouth.” I get so engrossed my jaw hangs open. Anywhoo, people are fascinating. I don’t know how anyone can miss God’s unique hand over human life. How could anyone create so much diversity without getting redundant? And I don’t think that twins or triplets, etc. disqualify that argument because even twins have totally unique personalities and distinctions that set them apart. Pretty amazing!

    Also pretty amazing…your family. I am just blessed by what you guys do together. I’m blessed by your ability to write it out and share so beautifully. And I’m blessed to be your sister in Christ.

    Love you, Erin!

  3. Melissa says:

    I am also always scanning for people with DS. I saw a child recently that I *thought* has DS, but I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to be wrong! So I didn’t say anything. Hope the mastitis is better!

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