Earth Day & Updates


Happy Earth Day. I happen to really like this day for many reasons, none to deep … besides the fact that I love nature & trees!

So Grady is 2 months now, I cannot believe how quickly time is passing. Each day is bittersweet for me, and somedays are better than others. I love having him as a baby and I know his challenges may be greater with each new day. So we take each day one at a time. I am learning to live differently and more completely. I am embracing everything about him each day, not worrying about tomorrow.    When I wake up in the morning I often remind myself that God is giving me today, how can I be more thankful. We are in full swing of the therapy rotation now and it comes with its ups and downs. Grady still sleeps a lot and well his therapists try their best to work with him and somedays are better than others. In the three physical therapy sessions so far our therapist has had the joys of being puked on, three poopy diapers in a matter of 45 minutes, and a crying session. Progress yet? not exactly, but Grady is just a baby. I am not going to lie, somedays I wish they would just go away and let him be 2 months old like Mason was. I wish he didn’t have to be analyzed and evaluated each day, but this is part of the journey… I keep a bigger picture in mind and make sure to give extra cuddle time after therapy.

Grady is sleeping 10 hours a night, so that is our little blessing. He is eating well and we have even bigger news, we graduated from nipple shields and he is latching on unassisted! so gooooo Grady! This is an accomplishment that I can proudly say that my “typical son” Mason was unable to do, he used the shields for 6 months of BF. So I am just thrilled.

I am slowly finding routine with two kiddies! but yeah, I’m a wackadoo most days when it comes to getting anywhere on time or in order. I ask for prayers for my sanity! I turn 26 tomorrow and we will be heading out to dinner for the first time without both kiddies, oy! I am excited!!!

We are taking Grady with us to NYC for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk this weekend. My college roommate from NC State is flying in with her husband and we will be walking in honor of her mom!  Betsy, her mom, is a beautiful, courageous and strong woman who happens to have Parkinson’s. I am so excited for our walk around Central park!  Pictures to come soon!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you an article that has been weighing on my heart and mind the last week or so since I read it. I wanted to share it with you because it is what is going on in the world today, its an ugly truth that needs to be heard. It is not only disturbing but heart breaking.  I never thought I would be such a strong advocate against abortion (or selective reduction) until I got Grady’s prenatal diagnosis. I guess the best thing I can do is pray for this couple’s salvation, choice and the sanctity of life in this country. If this couple knew the love that is Grady or felt just an ounce of Joy that he has brought us… there is no way they could have made this choice. : Article : Doctor Aborts Wrong Fetus

Happy Earth Day World!


5 thoughts on “Earth Day & Updates

  1. Erin says:

    That is so great that Grady is nursing well now without the shield! I remember Lucas being pretty sleepy for the first two months as well and physical therapy wasn’t very productive. But that’s ok because just hugging and cuddling and nursing are wonderful therapy too.

    Have a great Birthday!

  2. Heidi says:

    Happy Earth Day to you too! What a beautiful reminder of all that God has created! Hang in there with all of the therapy. It is wonderful to have all of that support, but it can feel intrusive at times. Everything is a season. You are a wonderful mother and you and Paul are doing a fabulous job! Enjoy your date night!

  3. Emy says:

    Erin, having read the entire article, I am in tears for the two babies that were murdered. And how heartbreaking to read, in each article that one baby was normal and the other was an anomaly makes me want to wretch. He had Down syndrome and a possible heart defect. Where was the anomaly, the deformity they kept referring to. And to hear the comments that this “blob of cells” with a heart beat, recognizable gender, arms, hands, legs, feet, eyes, nose and mouth was nothing more than a blob of cells sickens me further. Had she conceived on her own, it seems this woman would have selected the same course of action; get rid of the deformed, preserve perfection…and had the perfection baby been born with a hidden “deformity”, lack of hearing, vision impairment, neurological deficiencies…what was the mother’s option at that point? A visit to a new Dr. Kavorkian who could get rid of that anomaly? My prayers are with those precious babies as they enjoy the pure and unconditional love of Jesus as he cradles them to his chest and kisses them with love and gentleness. More prayers go for the forgiveness of those involved in this travesty, from the doctor to the assisting nurses, to the parents(?) who made this decision. Where, or where does the will of God come into play…when it looks like you are getting perfection and perfection for a lifetime? Is there that guarantee at some point when a baby is delivered? How sad that we have this happening today or any day! I can’t stop weeping for these lost souls that could have had the opportunity to be in our society, in our lives, perhaps touching others in ways that would have made all the difference to someone. Lord, forgive those who have so ignorantly rob us your wondrous gifts. Keep those innocent babies close to you wrapped in your love and joy, help people to learn there is so much more to your plans than they can see. Why do people want perfection all around them? Perhaps to hide their own imperfections, and to cover their ignorance and unacceptance of difference of any kind. I will pray continually for them…continually.

  4. Melissa says:

    I understand what you mean about therapy. I wish we didn’t have to do it, but I know the benefits will be worth it. We are doing much less than you are with therapists in the home, but are working with Claire as much as possible on our own time. Still, it’s just one more thing to juggle and I think I’m going to add ST soon too.

    I saw that article on Facebook and BabyCenter and it just makes me so, so sad…

    Since I’m a day late in reading your post, I’m right on time to say Happy Birthday! Have a great dinner tonight.

  5. Erin says:

    Hi Erin!

    I LOVE your website! I saw one of your posts on Baby Center and followed your link.

    Grady is adorable! Our daughter, Ellie (21 mo), has DS and is the greatest blessing to us. I love both of your video announcements…so inspiring, touching and creative.


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