Grady’s 1st Fishing Outing: Full Circle

Today I took my first trip fishing with my family. Today I saw my first fish. Today I joined Team Ski fishing team.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to bring Grady with us fishing. To me it was a sense of excitement and relief  that came along with a reminscent moment.  The day we got out pre-natal diagnosis we came home from the Doctor’s office and grabbed mason and went fishing. It is our little family’s happy to-do. I think back to that day we got our prenatal diagnosis, I can remember how the tears had barely dried off my cheeks before we were at the pond casting a few lines. I sat there wondering in fear and so clueless to our future with Down Syndrome, how would it affect our family… I reeled my line in a bit slower that day…

I have hopes and dreams for Grady just as I do Mason. Down Syndrome doesn’t change that, in fact it makes me more excited to see what our future little fisherman can do. What barrier will we break or stereotype might we be able to gracefully trample upon. When I look ahead I imagine an adventurous life with my boys… we hope to enter “Team Ski” into fishing tournaments one day….

Soon Mason will realize the same fish he likes to kiss Daddy likes to eat! oy.

So today I found solace in having Grady their with us for the first cast of the season, the first Bass caught, to breathe the fresh air and join in even if his involvement meant keeping me company while we watched Mason jump up and down with Joy. The overwhelming pregnancy was but a distance memory. Having Grady here with us brought me full circle. God is good.

Mason came to tell Grady about the fish!

more Fish stories for Grady man.



6 thoughts on “Grady’s 1st Fishing Outing: Full Circle

  1. Aunt Jess says:

    LOVE the pictures in this post! So happy to see that Mason wants to include Grady now, big steps for him. Enjoy the wonderful, nice weather. I miss you guys!

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