Grady Passed : A Little Irish Salute

Best of news Grady passed his ABR hearing test yesterday. We are grateful today for these results all falling within normal ranges…we are praising God. The prayers and other amazing signs of support for his test yesterday are appreciated more than you know. Gooooo Grady!

I’m not one who really believes in “Luck” but I think St.Patty’s day is full of reasons to smile.

A few ways I connect to this Irish Day:

1. My name is Erin : reason being my mom has willed herself into being Irish, she loves the heritage that is Ireland, therefore naming me: Erin.

2. My favorite color is Green

3. Grady’s name is Irish: Ok, so I didn’t know this about his name until I was in the hospital delivering him, when I was asked if I was Irish! Ha, no, no, Paul just liked the name.

4. I used to play on a soccer team called the Shamrocks. (Mason is sporting my old team Hat today)

5. I love Irish Soda Bread

What is green and stays out all night long? ………………. Pati’O furniture. ha


2 thoughts on “Grady Passed : A Little Irish Salute

  1. Pat & Bob Kobylensky says:

    Incredible news! GOooooo Grady!

    can’t think of anything from this ‘sky’ house that’s Irish ++ O’yeah!… My name is Pat!
    O’Happy day!

  2. Emy says:

    Way to go, Grady!!! Trusting in the Lord really pays off. Happy St. Patty’s Day to you and your whole family…’twas Irish eyes shinin’ on you that brought you through the test with flying colors…of course, having you in the Lord’s strong and loving hands had more influence than anyone’s eyes, but it ’tis St. Patrick’s Day!!!

    Love the “green” connections, Erin. Fun to read about!

    Thank the Lord for his goodness, and thank you for sharing.
    Emy O’Connell (now that’s my connection to the “green”!!

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