Joy & update


Not too much time these days to update as much as I would like.  But things are slowly settling down, and slowly routine is coming back to the Ski House. Slowly.  The best update I could give at this point in time regards the Joy, Pure Joy, Abounding Joy, that Grady has brought to our life.  Speaking for myself, I am so extremely in love with him that the only tears that are shed, are the deepest feelings of Love. I can’t begin to tell you how attached I am to him already. Sharing the love between Mason and Grady isn’t hard at all, but something rings different when it comes to Grady. The hardest part of coming to terms with any emotions with Grady is how when I look at him, I never see a diagnosis or an extra chromosome, I just see my little boy. I find it exhausting when people meet Grady and physical characteristics are brought up because, I am fully equipped with God Goggles, Mommy Shades, The Tunnel Vision of LOVE: when I see Grady, I see ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes and a nose.

The Pediatric Cardiologist cleared Grady’s heart this week, and gave him the healthiest report. He has already gained 5 oz. and is up to 7 lbs 4oz. Breast milk is working wonders. He sleeps almost all through the night, I am waking him to feed in the middle of the night to keep his weight gain on track. As soon as his pediatrician gives me the go ahead we are going to make it a full night, I am sure of it.  Mason is coming to terms with Grady and likes to help me burp him. It is too cute. We are working through his sibling rivalry moments with cookies and hugs.

We met with the County Early Intervention Service Coordinator today and started the process to get him all the services he needs to achieve all the goals he can. At this point, eating, sleeping and pooping is his earliest acheivement. GO Grady!

Life is Good. More pictures soon 🙂


11 thoughts on “Joy & update

  1. Emy says:

    Oh, Erin, he is absolutely beautiful. So very precious, and like you said…what you see, and what you will always see, is your little boy. Isn’t that wonderful!!

    Even 22 years later, I cringe when people refer to my daughter as a Down syndrome woman (child, girl, whatever) because I feel bad for them that they do not see a young woman with Down syndrome. Always see your child first — and you will, and don’t hesitate to change the view of others by your use of language…always keep Grady first and foremost. He is an infant, a child who (as an afterthought…) has Down syndrome. Your language will teach others to see what you see: a beautiful little baby boy, [and if he has to be described…(does Mason every time he’s mentioned?)] with Down syndrome. Be a person-first advocate for Grady from the start.

    God bless him. How wonderful that his heart is great!! And that he is eating so well and pooping. The trilogy that worries mom’s of babies with T21. Grady has truly been blessed to be without those problems, but more blessed to have you for his Mommy. God keep you all in His good graces. I do hope you are feeling better each day and I’m just so happy Grady is the joy that I knew he would be. He is so absolutely beautiful!!!

    In Christ’s love,

  2. Pat says:

    Oh My Gosh — Grady and Mason are both adorable! We’re so glad that things are working out so well with the siblings, but I never had a doubt about that!

    All the wonderful news about Grady’s development thrill our hearts. We’re so anxious to meet him!

  3. Tara says:

    Oh, he’s beautiful, Erin! I know just what you mean about the “something special” love that you feel for him. We fiercely love each of our six children, but we have never ENJOYED a child quite like we do Eon.

    I’m so glad you are experiencing that JOY that you waited so long to feel! Kudos on the breastfeeding, too! That is doubly awesome! 🙂

  4. Courtney B says:

    He truly is beautiful just like Mason! I love seeing pictures of your family, I would love to meet the boys and catch up with you and Paul when I’m in the area for more than a day. It’s been too long!
    Congrats on the great news about Grady’s heart. It sounds like he is doing amazing and growing great.

  5. Tabitha says:

    Hi Erin,
    Grady is perfect!!!!So handsome.

    I totally get what you are saying about the diagnosis. Sometimes I think I will get a call and a doctor will tell me that my son does not have down syndrome. I don’t see it. I must have the same mommy glasses on because to me my boy is just a baby. A beautiful, loving baby. To me he is perfect.

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