Grady Time: On our way over the Tappan Zeeeee

So we are on our way…hopefully we dont get sent home, but they contractions hurt! so lets go….

I pre-prepared this post in advance to hit “post” before we left for the hospital. So if you are reading this, the BIG day is here (hopefully).  I will ask kindly for prayers ones as we dive into this next chapter head first… God has been preparing us for this. When i’m on my feet again, I will POST lots of pictures!  I am about to put all my faith in God & remember his promises, bundle up all of my fellow T21 mommies love and advice, hang onto the family and friends who have been our support… and hold my husbands hand tight…


9 thoughts on “Grady Time: On our way over the Tappan Zeeeee

  1. Angela says:

    God Bless you and keep you and your family safe. Grady is so very blessed to have a mother like you and a family who loves him so completely. You are in my daily prayers.

  2. Leah says:

    I am so late seeing this! CONGRATULATIONS! since I’m assuming he’s here! LOL I know your life is crazy right now. There is an amazing website, in case you haven’t already been there. There are parents of kids with DS at every stage, including several who are still waiting for their babies to arrive! Many hugs and prayers for all of you!


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