In his time… Grady’s lesson on Patience.

38.5 weeks

This is how it seems from my side of the belly.

It as if you are about to turn to the last page in a novel you have spent the last 5 months reading… you think you will know the ending, you are eager to feel the accomplishment of finishing the book, you are excited to close the book and see the picture of the author on the back cover, your hand shakes as you take the last page between your fingers and then the phone rings, its you long lost pal “patience” calling on the other line, and they plan on talking a loooooooooonnnnnggggg time… so you wait, staring at the book, anxious to hear the end, running your fingers over that last page in wonder. You know the sequel will be better, you have read the reviews…

Just as you all are, I too am anxiously waiting on his arrival.  I truly didn’t think that I would make it this far given all my “signs” and effacement. But just as it has been in this journey, I am constantly being taught patience… He will come when he is good and ready, not when mommy feels emotionally ready to get the birthing process and initial “meet and greet” behind us.  So many have hinted towards me that I should embrace the time with him still inside and get lots of rest, but for some reason I see it differently this time.  I have days where my heart hurts with the overall diagnosis of Down Syndrome (even when I think I am strong, I fall short) and I can only imagine how those days will be so much better with him in my arms. As the day gets closer, and we have had a few “lets go to the hospital moments”, I feel anxious and nervous. I have a post ready to go before we leave for the hospital. Our next appt. is Tuesday Morning to measure his growth ect…

Side  Note:

Happy Valentines Day: today I made my favorite: Cupcakes. Enjoyed Watching Mason Devour them.

Now if I only made them in a Ice Cream Cone they would be perfect!


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