The Waiting Game: Grady Update.. and a vent

I have so many thoughts running through my mind, so many blog posts I want to write… inspiration is all around me these days.  But to update you all on how my little man is: 35 weeks and Grady weighed in over 6 lbs (this is a big baby)…. and continues to maintain a clean health report from the Ultrasound Scans. My worry of Duodenal Atresia (narrowing of the intestines) was one of the main issues they were looking for and couldn’t find anything. His Femur bones started to fall behind schedule by more than a week’s margin as they have been in the past. Grady’s little legs where measuring 2.5 week behind schedule compared to the rest of his body. This is expected with a diagnosis of DS…but I can’t wait to see what he can do with those little legs. He amazes me already. 

Last Sunday I was feeling some pretty heavy contractions all morning (braxton hicks) but they came with unusual pressure. I thought something might be up since my Chronic Heart Burn has recently disappeared as well. Go figure and come to find out, he has dropped and the doctor said that my cervix is paper thin and ready to start dilating. (oh the joys of pregnancy talk) So pretty much, the waiting game has started. I am not opposed to a Valentines Baby so I am pondering jumping rope and long walks on the 13th.  I have recently made the big decision to V-back it with Grady. My doctor highly reccomends it and well, with much prayer and spousal support, I am doing it. <insert prayer request: Dear Lord, Please do not allow Snow or Traffic Delay on the Tappan Zee Bridge, Oh and I know large Polish Skulls are impressive, but spare me the pain this time around, thank you, Amen. >

Awesome Big Brother in Training reading "grady book" before bedtime tonight.


okie, time to vent: I am going to start calling these experiences another “notch” on my wisdom belt. I am calling it my wisdom belt, because the more I learn about DS, the more I love on Grady, and the closer I get with God, the wiser I become on how to react within my heart. So pretty much, when someone says something absolutely absurd, I don’t allow myself to boil over with fury.  During my ultrasound this week I had an interesting experience with the Tech. She was new to me, and well was probably one of the most nosiest people I have yet to come across. When you lay on an Ultrasound Table your belly exposed and Nerves run steadily high as you study the screen the last thing you want to do is be bombarded with intrusive questions. I must say I am getting pretty darn good at looking at Grady on the screen though. Anyways, the tech starts off with stating the first obvious statement “So your baby has Trisonomy 21″ I say, “Uh-huh(I think to myself, didn’t you read my file?) She says: “So how did you feel after you found out your baby was going to have Down Syndrome? I say: “Fine, we were prepared, It was part of God’s Plan” (I think, ok so asking feelings questions during an ultrasound with a complete stranger is not in your protocol ms. Tech, can we please keep to the script here, you aren’t my therapist, oh and I don’t think you could handle it if I told you something absolutely absurd regarding my feelings towards my almost born son) Then my favorite ultrasound tech of the year asks “Does anyone in your family have Down Syndrome” I say, “Nope” ( I think, umm, ok so when did you shift from being my ultrasound tech to my Genetic Counselor, and wonder if I told her my brother has it or my sister or something along those sorts… what is that question going to accomplish at this point in time) Okay so last one ” So are you going to have those people come out to your house after he is born… LONG PAUSE… the… stutter…. interventionists, do you have that all set up?”  I say ” well you can’t set that up until after he is born, that is protocol for NYS” (I think, ok that one isn’t that bad, but clearly you have really made it clear to me that you really don’t know what you are talking about and since we are spending this time together, a very vulnerable time for me, perhaps we can just skip the awkward nosey,  silence filling questions and accept the fact that you don’t really know much about DS, and obviously have no clue about etiquette when it comes to dealing with extra chromosomes and such, so let’s talk about the weather next time? ok? good.)

All of this might sound silly to some, but when I am laying there staring at my new born son’s body, praying that  everything is ok, the last thing I need is someone asking me questions that I am not comfortable answering.  That is when me being “peppy and friendly” bites me in the butt. So, I’ll put a Notch on my belt, because It really didn’t anger me, but I do feel the need to somehow (with Grace) express to someone of importance the incredibly awkward situation it was for me. Not sure about how that will happen yet, but I am praying about it. Ok, I am done venting tonight. Thank you for letting me vent….

"grady mom, grady" lol... the innocence melts me.


7 thoughts on “The Waiting Game: Grady Update.. and a vent

  1. Aunt Jess says:

    I can’t wait to hold the little man! SOOOOOOO excited! Let’s just hope that he decides to hang out inside for a couple more weeks. Just keep telling him how much warmer it is in there than it is in the frigid winter weather on the outside! Sending lots of love, hugs, and kisses!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Yeah, that’s a tad bit strange for her to be asking you those questions. Wonder if she was once pregnant with a baby that had DS??? Anyways, I would have been totally annoyed, those are very personal questions about the feelings and the people coming to your home-that’s just unnecessary if you ask me.

    Glad Grady is doing well-not much longer!!

  3. Melissa - Shhh I'm Reading says:

    You are getting close! I would have loved to labor and not have had a Csection, but Claire’s heart didn’t like it when we tried to induce.

    As for all the questions, I would have been a little put out. It’s hard to avoid all those personal questions when you are laying there with your belly hanging out. I know people are curious and usually just want to know more about Ds, but some people sure do find awkward ways of going about asking.

  4. Leah says:

    UGH!!! Ok, do you know I’m in school to become an Ultrasound Tech? This person stepped SO FAR out of line it isn’t even funny!!! Like, we’re human, yes, but we’re not supposed to say ANYTHING that *might* give information the parents might not yet know (because that’s a medical diagnosis, and left up to the doctor, not the tech! We’re just GETTING the images, not supposed handing out diagnoses.) I would LOVE to have a way, when seeing the markers of some anomaly or chromosomal disorder, to hand the parents my card and say, “Here! Give me a call and we’ll talk!” No, I can’t do that. The fact that she was asking you PERSONAL questions is so out of line I can’t believe it. But, like the previous commenter said, it could be this person has some kind of history. She did ask SOME questions that make it seem as if she has some type of experience. Maybe a niece or nephew, or a neighbor’s baby or something. Still, the reasons she asked don’t matter, because she was stepping out of her role as Tech.

    What I CAN do, is not do what so many techs do….like STOP talking, which makes parents panic. Or they say something stupid that freaks the parents out even worse. Or they’re finding their very first “problem” baby, and run out of the room in their own fear and panic, (and a little bit of excitement maybe? I think for me it would end up as excitement. LOL ) only to come back dragging the doctor to verify their suspicions. Yeah, like that isn’t going to freak out mom and dad!!!!

  5. skiingthroughlife says:

    Leah- you are going to be a great Tech, your wisdom and life experience will become such a tool in making the experience go so much better than one without your knowledge… Beating the awkward silence with good conversation or small talk could be a challenge, but the fact that you are already thinking about it gives your one step ahead.

    When i was pregnant with Mason, I remember telling our Tech in Charlotte NC, what a wonderful job she had, and how exciting to see the babies, she continued to tell me well yes most days, but not all babies are as healthy and put together as Mason (my typical baby) and i sat there dumbfounded so oblivious, so unaware to the fact and challenge of the job and that not all babies are typical. Never would I have thought that, I would be roles reversed nearly two years later, and understand what she meant…. when we look at grady through the screen, I know what its like.

    I knew clearly when Grady had his 18th week ultrasound that something was off by the Tech’s comments and awkward silence and her trip out the room. I helped keep the conversation going to relieve the tension for us all… i just knew.

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