Thoughts. Happenings. A bit about Me.


Taking a short break from nesting tonight to throw a few things out there, a bit about me and well what is going on around these parts.

1.) Christmas was wonderful. The joy and spirit was alive this year, I was joyful for my husband and son and all the love they provided over the season, most of the time without even knowing. Mason embraced christmas this year and really made me feel like a kid again. He was overjoyed by a few wonderful gifts: nothing says christmas like a faux Buck mount and a Toy Shot-gun to get you in the spirit. (Our son is an outdoorsmen enthusiast like you have never seen: really he reads fishing and hunting magazines like its going out of style!)

2.)We moved mason into a toddler bed, and started to put together stuff for Grady. I registered for a few baby things, but with the 2nd child, not sure how that works since I am not expecting a shower. But after reading up on DS, I noticed perhaps a few things that might come in handy. I love nesting. It is the most unusual phenomenon for me, given I hate to clean/ and then poof baby on the way: Give a girl a sponge and let me gooooooooo!!!

3.) A daily reminder of my days as an athlete. I have had my ACL replaced twice in my right knee, and my meniscus once..( my current ACL ligament is from a Donor, I nicknamed him Juan) Well all this extra weight I am carrying around plus the frigid cold weather is doing a doozy on getting up and down. No really you should see it, it cracks me up.  I try to find the humor in it all because, the weight is self inflicted and I am determined to shed it all soon.  I literally feel 80 years old, with the crackle snapping and popping my knee is doing. My division 1 Soccer playing / Sprinting days are tapped out for sure.

Glory Days: Shouldn't we all have them?


4.)My husband is going on a Men’s Christian retreat in two weeks, a day after our 3rd wedding anniversary. This is HUGE. Last year around this time, actually around the same weekend he took a Man’s trip towards the canadian border for some male chauvinistic, grunting, fishing and God knows what else with some local disgruntled men. To be honest, many whom where members or affiliates of a “woman haters club” :  My stomach turns thinking of this sub-culture I live near. Many prayers needed in that area around here. (Can you believe we live less than an hour outside of NYC)..anyways  in only a years time, God has drawn my husband to him , saved him and is leading his heart to make a 4 day commitment to getting to know Christ is better. GOD is Good. What a anniversary gift his outing will be.  My marriage is a testament to God’s promise, love and plan and reassurance to all my prayers since knowing my husband.  I know now to never give up hope.

1/13/07 - I just cannot believe it has been three years!!


5.)After de-activating my main facebook page a few months ago, I am slowly coming off my addiction. It has been a 5 year long love affair. I was a part of facebook mania before it was “cool” and before my mom and teachers had it, circa 2004. My decision to leave came with the news of Grady: my first realization came when i noticed for the first time in my life 89% of my so called “facebook friends” aren’t really my friends. And soon after deactivating, all the people who would comment all the time and send sweet nothings and concerned love messages also deactivated from my life, they t didnt email or reach out when I left, hmmm probably because they weren’t really my friends! ha, who would have thought. Unfortunatley even some of my real friends have felt distanced in my life since my deactivation. My second realization is that, I knew my new chapter wasn’t for high school display, yes I am almost 8 years post HS< but given our relocation back to my homestead last year, I have learned a few things about High School, you can go away, you can change, you can grow….but for the most part you will still walk under the same light from before. Therefore sharing my Grady wasnt a part of my new plan. I was looking for something deeper.  Lastly, I am was excited to move over the the world of blogging, where I can connect in a meaningful way with others who walk the same path or who genuinly care to read all the stuff I write. You don’t see much “one line status updates on blogging :)”

6. Last, I am so thankful and Blessed for all the connections I have made on here so far, and through Baby Center…. To meet women who have walked this path, who have wisdom and love abounding, to become connected to atleast 3 women due in the same week as me with a DS baby boy….God is working in wonderful ways around me. I can feel it.  I am touched by them all. New Years resolutions are around the corner, and so is Grady. So with that in mind, I’ll start brainstorming those so called “resolutions”… for starters I know my main goal is to continue to grow in the Lord and with that, grow to be a better Mother and Wife.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts. Happenings. A bit about Me.

  1. Mom says:

    What a grand journey we have to look forward to. We are truly blessed to have our emotions challenged in this way so that we can truly feel the love of God. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Erin for being you. I love you so much.

  2. Tara Lakes says:

    What a mature young woman you are! The Ds community is blessed to have you and we can’t wait to “meet” Grady! As just an observer, I’m excited to see what God is doing in your life.

    Now, can you help me get over my fb addiction? 🙂

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