New Doctor Today: Grady Update

I am thrilled to write my post tonight, for a few reasons. First, I am so happy I decided to follow my gut and transfer doctor’s. As we met with the new Doctor today, I sat there saying to myself “how wonderful is this”. She was eager to set us up with the pediatric unit at the hospital at our next appt. for a consultation, she was positive and reassuring, and honest and educated on everything T21. She took her time, and was so thorough, I felt like we were finally in good hands. I also learned a lot about what my last Dr.’s Office didn’t do (failure to request previous c-section surgery records from NC, they didn’t inform me that the longer little Grady stays in the better for his development ect…) Then we got an ultrasound, and we got to peek in at Grady again, and it was all GOOD news. His heart still looks great, his intestines and bowels looked great, and he is 2.6 pds and growing right on track. They were unable to locate any soft markers besides possibly his ears where sticking out a bit, and his legs and arms where only measuring a week behind but we were also told this is probably due to the due date as well. So we left their scratching our heads because for the first time in a months, we had a Blessed and Wonderful Appointment. Β After reading all the what-ifs over the last few weeks, we expected the worst and hope the for the best. I am in a great state of prayer and thanks for today’s visit. The doctor seemed reassured of how active he is as a good and positive sign of his condition. I mean really, at this point I hold onto anything said “positive” and embrace it with all my heart. God is Good. (picture below really is pretty lame-o, but it is Grady in all his glory from today πŸ™‚ )

Second, Mason is turing 2 tomorrow. My little man, so bright and beautiful is growing too quickly for me to keep up and process. Tonight the eve of his 2nd birthday, I sang him to sleep in our reading chair. Ok, so my singing is terrible, and I really dont know any songs in complete besides Jesus Loves Me and Itsy Bitsy Spider, but I do a darn good job making up lyrics to the traditionals. It is actually kind of funny ( you might have to be there !). This past Sunday at sunday school the nursery workers informed me that Mason was a big help and listened very well, I was so excited to get his first report from another adult on his behavior. They told me he will make a great big brother πŸ™‚ Β I am thankful tonight, and prayed hard over my little man for everything good and healthy in his next year. I am in a great state of thanks to God for all that is Mason in my life. I don’t know where I would be somedays without his smile and laugh. We had cake for him the other day a few days before his actual B-day, before his Opa had hernia surgery and while his grandma from florida was in town: here are a few pics of Elmo Inspired party πŸ™‚Yes, that is a play kitchen in the background a wonderful gift for his second birthday. The first thing he did was make mommy and daddy a cup of coffee… It is masculine in all ways.Β 

Mason’s new year is going to be the best yet πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “New Doctor Today: Grady Update

  1. Courtney says:

    I’m glad your appointment went smoothly & that you guys are pleased with your new doctor! I’m also glad that all is looking well for little Grady!

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Mason! The pics are great! What a handsome, bright little man you have!


  2. Jennie says:

    I’m so glad to hear you had such an encouraging appointment. While pregnant with Micah, I started to hate ultrasounds because I felt like there was always something new that was “wrong.” So what a great treat you had with an excellent report!
    Continuing to pray for your family!

  3. Courtney B says:

    Erin, I have gone back and read all your entries. You are a strong woman with a strong husband and an amazing faith in God. You will raise your sons to be great men and I trust you can handle any challenges that arise. I am always around if you need someone to talk to. I think about you often and smile remembering all our great times! God bless and keep looking forward.

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